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Who are we?

We are a Dunedin financial services company providing quality financial advice to our personal and corporate clients. We believe in the importance of relationships and the value of personal service because your circumstances and priorities are likely to change throughout your life. Our salaried Advisers specialise in what they do because getting the right advice is really important when it comes to the financial decisions in life. 


Our advisers are engaged directly by Wealthpoint Limited which holds a transitional financial advice provider license. For more information, visit  https://wealthpoint.co.nz/wealthpoint-disclosure/

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Why choose us?

When it is time to make financial decisions, particularly big and important ones such as:

  • How can I protect my family, my health, my income and my future
  • How can I become financially independent by retirement

A good place to start is by seeking quality advice that also provides choice, personal service and a commitment to an ongoing relationship.

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