Why deal with Altus

When it's time to make financial decisions, especially big and important ones such as:

  1. how can I protect my family, my health, my income and my future
  2. how can I become financially independent by retirement...

a good place to start is by seeking some quality advice that also provides you with choice, personal service and a commitment to an ongoing relationship.

Sadly, some people visit their bank just to get a mortgage and walk out with insurance and KiwiSaver as well. They may have been "sold" this on the basis of convenience but did they receive quality advice and a choice of solutions to find the best fit for their own specific needs and situation?

Let's face it, when did a bank ever offer you a mortgage, insurance product or KiwiSaver scheme other than their own one?

Can you be confident that you'll receive personalized service from someone who is already familiar with your situation next time you call or visit them?

It doesn't cost you any more  for the benefits that come from having access to a range of products and solutions, quality advice and an ongoing relationship from a firm who's as local as you are.

That's why when it's time to make financial decisions, especially really important ones, we believe you're much better off dealing with someone who can offer you advice based upon experience, choice to suit your particular needs and ongoing personal service to ensure that the advice continues to remain suitable for you.

An Adviser adds value by:

  • helping you identify your priorities
  • providing you with options
  • reducing or removing risks you face
  • staying within your budget 
  • keeping in touch and helping you stay on track 

Altus Advisers specialise in what they do because you want to know you're getting up to the minute and quality advice at all times. And we want to make it easy for you to get the type of advice you need, when you need it, all under the same roof.

Our business follows an approved 6 step advice-process prior to making recommendations to our clients. These steps are:

1. Disclosure - letting you know who we are, how we work, who we're regulated by and who stands behind us

2. Discovery - making sure we understand your unique situation and specifically what it is that you're wanting to achieve

3. Research - exploring and finding solutions that suit your situation and that provide options to select from  

4. Recommendation - making it easy for you to see the advantages and disadvantages of various options before taking any action

5. Implementation - dealing with the application process and any paperwork required to get your preferred solution in place

6. Review - keeping in touch to make sure you stay on track and that your current solution remains the best one for you if your needs 
                    or situation changes

It might surprise you to know that we don't charge fees for taking you through this process. Instead, we're paid by the insurer, fund manager or bank that you ask us to place any business with, not by you.

If you'd like to know anything further about us or how we work, you're welcome to call us on 03 470 1030 or send us an email at enquiries@altusfs.co.nz