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The value to employers in providing Health Cover to staff

Peter Tynan, chief executive of Southern Cross Health Society, explains why for employers and their business providing health cover to staff means getting them back to work faster meaning enhanced productivity. For employees, it’s a benefit they really value that boosts their regard and commitment to their employer, and positively impacts income and quality of life for them and their families.

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The latest AMP360 Home Loan affordability report (published 26 March 2015) reflects what we’ve all been hearing for a while – that Housing remains affordable for first home buyers in all parts of the country except Auckland. It shows that at a national level, housing remains well within affordable levels for first home buyers based upon the way this is currently measured. Read more about what it’s costing to service a mortgage in different parts of the country here…

KiwiSaver’s popularity continues

KiwiSaver’s popularity is not waning and with growth in new accounts over last year still running at 8% there is now nearly 2.5 million people enrolled. Craig Simpson’s latest analysis ( shows that it’s still some of the familiar names such as AMP and ANZ amongst the providers leading the various categories over the longer term. Read more here… 

KiwiSavers losing out in default funds

Well-known financial adviser and commentator Martin Hawes gives his view on why many of the people sitting in default KiwiSaver funds are missing out on thousands and possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential retirement savings. Read why here.

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The findings of this NZ Herald survey reflect why we offer all our clients the opportunity to automatically receive a quarterly update of their KiwiSaver fund balance.

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