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What’s your future financial worth to you?

73% of New Zealanders say they need to pay more attention to their financial future, with just over two-thirds of people indicating they are worried about their retirement, according to a recent ANZ survey.

ANZ said the survey highlighted a significant challenge for the financial sector – how to deliver quality financial advice to the 2 million New Zealanders saving for their retirement.

The survey found a large number of people (34%) were looking for their provider to offer ideas and information on KiwiSaver while a further 49% also wanted specific recommendations.

Click on the link to read the full article… What’s your future financial worth to you?


Best KiwiSaver “growth” funds

Which KiwiSaver “Growth” funds have the best long-term returns? On 26 February 2015, Craig Simpson from posted this review of the regular savings returns to December 31, 2014 for “growth” KiwiSaver funds and found that AMP, ANZ,AON and Staples Rodway hold down the top spots and are extending their lead on the rest of the pack with some pretty solid three-year return numbers. Read more here…

Kiwis are seeking out expert advice

Mercer NZ has found that Kiwis are “turning more towards those viewed as experts in their field”. It also showed that many people are still not confident that their savings will give them the retirement lifestyle they want. Read more here.

Hospital waiting list warning

In the light of increasing health insurance premiums, some people are questioning their ongoing need for or the affordability of their private health cover, often at the stage of life when statistically they’re most likely to need it. The bigger picture and greater worry is that if more people do decide to cancel their private cover, it will only lead to bigger waiting lists and longer waiting times for any public health care which is not a good outcome for anyone. Read more here.