Insurance is important

Insurance protects you from financial setbacks. It's as simple, but crucial, as that. It's about protecting everything that’s important to you in life - you,
your family, your income, your health, your assets, and your business if you have one.

The true value of insurance is revealed the day you need to make a claim and will be appreciated in the days, weeks and years that follow.

Most people wouldn't dream of having an uninsured house or car, but often neglect
to insure their life and income to protect their family and their lifestyle.

Having appropriate insurance cover means that when an unexpected event such as sudden death, disability, an accident, or a major illness or health issue occurs, you
and your family can remain in a financially secure position with your income, lifestyle, assets and plans for the future fully protected.

Our aim at Altus is to help you to:

  1. understand how you, your family, your lifestyle and your future would be affected by any one or a combination of such unexpected events
  2. identify the options that are available to either eliminate or at least
    reduce the potential impact of those events
  3. put in place an appropriate solution that's within your budget
  4. continue to review your cover so that it remains appropriate to your 
    current situation and needs 

A good Adviser will always ensure you have the best and most appropriate type of cover for your specific situation and what you can afford. It won't cost you anything to talk to one of our salaried Insurance Advisers to find out whether your present cover is still the most appropriate for your circumstances and those who depend upon you.