Why you need Health Insurance

People often say "there's nothing more important than your health"- and they're right!

That's why having Health Insurance is so important, because without your health you haven't much else.

Nobody likes to think they'll experience health problems but the reality is that most of us will.

The public health system only provides immediate care in an emergency. For other problems, even serious ones like a heart condition, you could be facing waiting lists for many months or longer to get treatment. A recent survey found that an estimated 280,000 New Zealanders currently needed elective surgery, with 170,000 of these people not even making the public waiting list. (Health Funds Association of New Zealand media release 9 December 2013)

Waiting may mean...

  • your condition could deteriorate
  • you suffer prolonged periods of pain, discomfort and possibly limited mobility
  • you experience a loss of income because you can't work
  • your life could go on hold until you finally receive treatment

5 reasons to have Health Insurance:

  • Greater choice. Choose when, where, how and by whom you get treated in consultation with your doctor
  • Financial support. Less stress about what your healthcare bills might be and how you'll pay them
  • Quicker treatment. Avoid long delays waiting for treatment in the public health system
  • Greater certainty. Secure cover now for health issues that may arise later.
  • Latest medical procedures. Access to many of the latest recognised medical treatments and technologies

ACC only goes so far

Many people mistakenly assume that ACC will take care of them if they become ill. But ACC only provides cover for injuries and rehabilitation as a result of accidents, not if you need treatment for illness or aging.

Poor health can affect your financial situation

If the unexpected happens, most people would want to cover their major costs such as their mortgage, credit card debt, education & child-care costs, and the day to day expenses like food, rates and electricity. Health Insurance can help take care of expensive medical treatment without having to sacrifice other important needs

Self-insuring can be challenging

With many hospital procedures now costing over $20,000 self-insuring can prove really tough. Having to pay for hospital treatment yourself can often mean the need to take out a loan or increase your mortgage, using savings or your retirement funds, selling assets, or borrowing from other family members.

The true cost of health claims*

There are many different procedures carried out every day around the country. Some of the more common ones and their cost are:

  • heart bypass ($32,000-$45,000)
  • angioplasty ($17,300-$27,400)
  • total hip replacement ($20,000-$27,000) 
  • cataract removal ($3,800-$4,800)
  • single valve heart operation ($45,000-$60,000)
  • spinal fusion ($20,000-$60,000)
  • total knee replacement ($20,000-$27,000)
  • cancer treatments:
  • prostate brachytherapy ($21,000-$25,000)
  • removal of skin lesions ($1,000-$4,500)
  • chemotherapy ($15,000-$140,000) per treatment cycle
  • radiotherapy ($18,000-$37,000) per treatment cycle

*nib claim statistics 2013 

Plan options and alternatives

As with all other types of insurance, health plans and policies vary widely. You might feel you only need a base or surgical plan to cover you against the expense of a big operation. Then again, you might prefer also having cover for specialists visits, for GP visits, or for dental & optical cover. We can help you find or build a plan that suits your particular circumstances and budget.