Life, Trauma, Disability, Income & Mortgage Protection Insurance  

Did you know...

Every day there are 58 new cancer cases registered and 23 deaths from cancer in New Zealand *

Over 2,900 New Zealand men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year *

Every day about 24 New Zealanders have a stroke. A quarter of these people are under 65 **

* Ministry of Health 2012: New registrations and deaths 2010 (most recent available)  ** The Stroke Foundation of New Zealand 2014.

Life Insurance

Having Life Insurance is crucial to financially protect those you love, those dependent upon you and anyone else you wish to look after if you die or became terminally ill. It can provide financial security by clearing any debt they would be left with and ensuring they have a secure income to meet ongoing day to day living expenses and any other important goals such as education. 

How it works

In the event of your death or upon being diagnosed as terminally ill and likely having less than 12 months to live, a lump sum of money is paid to you. An advance payment may also be made to help with funeral and other related expenses.

Trauma Insurance

No matter how fit and healthy we are there is always the possiblilty of serious illness or an injury happening to us that can result in significant disruption  to normal day to day life, our career and/or a business, usually resulting in a loss of income plus other unexpected expenses that can mount up very quickly. 

How it works

Trauma insurance can relieve the immediate financial pressure arising as a result of a major health event by ensuring that a lump sum is available to meet normal living expenses for a period of time, to pay off debt, to make changes to your living situation if required, and to give you the ability to take time out to achieve the best possible recovery.

Disability Insurance

Becoming totally and permanently disabled is likely to have a catastrophic impact on your life, your family and your overall financial situation. 

How it works

Total & Permanent Disability insurance will provide a lump sum payment if you are incapable of ever returning to work through becoming totally disabled, or through suffering the total and permanent loss of the use of one hand, foot or sight in one eye.

Income Protection Insurance

Your ablity to work and earn an income is probably your most valuable asset. Normally, only through having a regular income, you and your family can acquire and build assets, financial security, and create an enjoyable lifestyle. 

How it works

Income Protection insurance protects your ability to receive an income if you're unable to work due to a sudden illness or injury by providing you with a monthly payment of up to 75% of your regular monthly income, or an agreed upon level of monthly income at the time you take out the policy.

Mortgage Protection Insurance

The purchase of your home is one of the largest financial commitments you will make. Once you've committed yourself to a loan, your lender expects you to meet your mortgage repayments even when you can't work due to illness or injury. 

How it works

Mortgage Protection insurance  is designed to cover your mortgage or rent payments and can be a combination of lump sum cover and regular monthly payments when you are unable to work due to illness or injury. You can also elect to cover yourself against redundancy or bankruptcy. 

Additional covers

In addition to the primary covers listed above, in recent times insurers have introduced a number of other covers geared to the specific needs of people in particular occupations, lifestyle situations and/or insurability status. Depending upon your own unique situation, some of these covers may be more more important and appropriate to have than others, and this is definitely something that your Adviser can help with. A good Adviser will always ensure you have the best and most appropriate type of cover for your specific situation and what you can afford. 

Examples of these covers include:  

  • Rural Key Person cover
  • Farmer's Disability cover
  • Cancer cover
  • Survivor's Income cover

  • Golden Life Plan
  • Business Expense cover

Talk to us. It won't cost you anything to talk to one of our salaried Insurance Advisers to find out whether your present cover is still the most appropriate for your circumstances and those who depend upon you.