6 reasons to use Altus for KiwiSaver

  1. We'll assist you in making the correct investment choice because the wrong choice can mean missing out on many dollars.
    For example: 
    $2,000 saved over 25 years assuming returns of 4% will have grown to $82,000 
    $2,000 saved over 25 years assuming returns of 6% will have grown to $108,000 That's a 30% difference! 
  2. We help self-employed and non-employed people to join KiwiSaver because not being in KiwiSaver is a lost opportunity. The $521 government tax credit alone will amount to over $7,800 in just 15 years
  3. We'll send you your latest balance and fund performance update via email every quarter
  4. We'll assist with changes to your tax rate, investment choice, direct debit or payment arrangements
  5. We'll assist you to access the KiwiSaver first-home withdrawal and KiwiSaver HomeStart grant benefits. These can be complicated
  6. Our service is free!

Is your partner in KiwiSaver?

Both partners can receive the government and employer contributions. Assuming your partner is earning $40,000 per annum, just the government and employer contributions on their own could provide you with an extra $26,000 over just 15 years = free money.

Call us on 03 470 1030 if you have any questions about KiwiSaver and we will help you.