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Personal Insurance

Personal insurance is about protecting everything that's important in your life - you, your family, your income, your health, your assets and your business if you have one. Having appropriate insurance cover means that when an unexpected event such as sudden death, disability, an accident, or a major illness or health issue occurs, you and your family can remain in a financially secure position with your income, lifestyle, assets and plans for the future protected. We can advise on which types of cover are right for you.

Life Cover

In the event of death a lump sum is paid so that your family can be protected financially. You are also covered if you become terminally ill and not expected to live for more than 12 months.

The lump sum can pay off the mortgage and ensure the family stays in the family home. Also to cover other debts, pay for the kids education and provide for on-going living expenses.

Trauma Cover

Trauma insurance pays out a lump sum if you suffer a specified serious illness or injury. The lump sum will allow you time to recover, reduce financial stress, pay extra expenses, seek alternative treatments and spend time with loved ones.

Total and Permanent Disablement

Becoming totally and permanently disabled is likely to have a catastrophic impact on your life, your family and your overall financial situation.

Disability insurance will provide a lump sum payment if you are incapable of ever returning to work through becoming totally disabled, or through the total and permanent loss of the use of one hand, foot or your eyesight.

Income Protection Cover

Your ability to work and earn an income is probably your most valuable asset. Income Protection insurance protects your ability to receive an income if you're unable to work due to a sudden illness or injury by providing you with a monthly payment of up to 75% of your regular monthly income, or an agreed upon level of monthly income at the time you take out the policy.

Health Insurance

People often say "there's nothing more important than your health" and they are right! The public health system only provides immediate care in an emergency. For other problems, even serious ones like a heart condition, you could be facing waiting lists for many months or longer to get treatment.

Health insurance covers health care costs with private healthcare providers meaning:

  • Earlier treatment, avoiding long delays on waiting lists
  • More certainty of cover for unknown issues in the future
  • You choose when, where and by whom you get treated
  • Access to the latest medical procedures
  • Financial support, as you have more certainty about how to pay your medical bills
  • The level of coverage can be tailored to your family’s needs and budget

Business Insurance

An important aspect of running a business today involves the business owners/directors responsibility for managing risks that could affect the businesses viability. There will be some risks you can't control such as the impact of an economic downturn but you can plan for and protect your business against many people-related risks such as those arising from a death, illness or injury that causes you or someone else important to your business to be out of action, either temporarily or even permanently.

Business insurance offers an effective means of protecting your business by removing or at least reducing the potential impact of some of these risks.

Depending upon the structure and nature of your business, issues to consider might include the need for:

  • Replacing lost revenue or paying your salary
  • Being able to continue meeting the ongoing expenses and financial obligations of the business, including staff
  • Covering the expense of recruiting and training a new person
  • Being able to fund the purchase of a shareholder who becomes disabled or dies, saving the business from possibly having to borrow, sell assets or bring in additional shareholders

General Insurance

General insurance protects your assets, be this your home, vehicle, business or farm. Good advice is important to ensure you have the right cover for the right amount that suits your circumstances. We are also there at claim time to ensure everything is processed quickly and fairly.

We can organise cover for your home and contents, vehicle, boat, business and farm.

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