KiwiSaver & Retirement


KiwiSaver is the main form of retirement saving for many Kiwis. We have a range of KiwiSaver Providers to choose from with a wide range of investment choices to enable you to grow and maximise your retirement savings.

Altus provides a wide range of KiwiSaver services free to our clients

  • A dedicated Adviser ready to take your call
  • How KiwiSaver works and how to maximise the benefits
  • How to choose the right provider and investment fund
  • How to set and achieve your retirement goals
  • How to use KiwiSaver to buy your first home
  • What are your options when you are ready to retire?
  • Are you on the right tax rate and how to change it
  • Bringing home your overseas super
  • Providing quarterly balance and performance reports

Retirement Planning

Retirement may still be a long way off but whether it’s years, or you are already retired, having a plan can make a big difference to your financial situation.

Key questions to be answered:

  • How much will you need?
  • How many years will you have in retirement?
  • What sort of retirement lifestyle do you want?
  • Where will you live?
  • Where will the money come from?

Altus can provide the answers you need to make the right decisions

  • Projections of current savings plans to retirement
  • Appropriate retirement investing to conserve capital
  • Retirement spending projections to ensure your savings will last to the end
  • Regular reviews and Goals Based investing to keep you on track

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