Workplace Benefits

In addition to salary or wages, many employers provide their employees with additional benefits such as health and/or insurance cover as part of their employment. Taking care of your people with workplace insurance can help your business succeed. By providing your employees with financial support for them and their families you can reap the rewards that come from enhanced productivity and the loyalty of employees who feel valued.

In many cases, a group plan will offer automatic acceptance. This means that staff who have existing conditions may well have an opportunity to be covered for these conditions. It might also mean that any staff members who were unable to qualify for a certain type of cover may now have access to such cover if this is being included by the employer as part of the group plan.

From an employer's perspective, offering benefits such as health and insurance cover:

  • Helps to attract employees to your company
  • Helps retain employees, reducing turnover and the costs involved in finding, replacing & training new staff
  • Promotes staff loyalty and a positive and productive workplace environment

From an employee’s perspective, benefits such as group health and insurance cover:

  • ProvidesAccess to cover at a significant discount to individually-owned cover provides:
  • Access to cover on an automatic-acceptance basis covering existing health conditions
  • The possibility of getting access to a type of cover that was previously unavailable to them
  • A continuation option whereby if they leave their employer they can continue to be covered


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